The National Observatory of Athens participates in the campaign with two institutes.

Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD) since its founding has got as a main goal the study of the Environment following an integrated/multidisciplinary approach, performing leading edge research and providing high quality services. In this frame, the following activities were gradually initiated: (a) Atmospheric Environment, (b) Meteorology and Hydrology, (c) Climate and Climate Change and (d) Energy.

The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) is one of the three institutes of the National Observatory of Athens, the oldest research institution in Greece. The main activities of the Institute involve basic and applied research in a number of topics in astrophysics, from distant galaxies to the solar neighborhood, as well as ground based and space-born remote sensing, earth observation and signal processing. The institute is also committed to outreach and science dissemination for the general public and operates a very popular visitor center in Penteli.

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Contributed instruments and models

Name Location PI
FLEXPART back-trajectories - Stavros Solomos
Mobile Weather Radar (XPOL) 38.05, 23.86 John Kalogiros
Weather Research and Forecasting - WRF - Stavros Solomos
Weather station & Cameras 38.05, 23.86 Kostas Lagouvardos

Recent activity