The HygrA-CD campaign
From Hygroscopic Aerosols to Cloud Droplets

The HygrA-CD campaign

The HygrA-CD campaign is an international field campaign bringing together different instruments and expertise for the purpose of understanding more about the impact of Aerosols and Clouds on Weather & Climate. It is a novel attempt to strengthen the links between the remote sensing and in-situ communities, while making use of established know-how on numerical weather prediction and atmospheric modeling.

The idea of this experiment was initiated by the National Technical University of Athens under the framework of ITaRS, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network in the field of Atmospheric Remote Sensing and it was further supported by the ITaRS partners University of Cologne, UPC Barcelona, and INOE 2000. Much effort from different institutes and private companies of both national and international scale has been put towards the implementation of this experiment.

We strongly believe that the outcome of this campaign will bring into light new answers and challenges to the current uncertainties of climate system, especially on the role of aerosols/CCNs in the cloud formation processes.

Recent activity

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