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Mobile Weather Radar (XPOL)

The XPOL weather radar system is an X-band (3.2 cm wavelength) dual polarization Doppler radar unit mounted on the flatbed of a truck. The radar was built in cooperation with NCAR, USA. The range of the system is selectable up 120 km, with resolution down to 90 m and a maximum angle rotation of the antenna at 25 deg/sec. The simultaneous horizontal and vertical polarization transmission allows fast antenna scanning without compromising the quality of polarimetric measurements. Radar direct measured quantities include horizontal and vertical polarization reflectivity, Doppler velocity, spectral width, differential phase shift and co-polar correlation. The system can give estimations in high resolution of the distribution of precipitation rate and rain microphysics as well as wind field. These characteristics make it ideal for hydro-meteorological studies, agricultural and aviation safety applications.

PI John Kalogiros
Provider NOA
Location 38.05, 23.86
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