The LASER REMOTE SENSING UNIT (LRSU) belongs to the Laboratory of "Laser Development and their Applications" both at the Physics Department of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece. The mission of LRSU is to perform high-rated research on various topics of Environmental Sciences, such as Laser Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Atmospheric Physics and Air Pollution, Environmental Physics and Global Climate Change.

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Contributed instruments and models

Name Location PI
AIAS Depolarization Lidar 38.00, 23.82 Alexandros Papayannis
DustTrak Aerosol Monitor 8520 37.98, 23.78 Panayotis Kokkalis
EOLE Raman LIDAR 37.98, 23.78 Alexandros Papayannis
Sky camera-polarized 37.98, 23.78 Alexandros Papayannis
SMPS-Grimm 37.98, 23.78 Panayotis Kokkalis
Weather station 37.98, 23.78 Alexandros Papayannis

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