Doppler lidar at N.C.S.R. DEMOKRITOS
Published: 2014-06-03 09:44 UTC

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A Halo-Photonics Stream Line Pro doppler lidar has been transported from the Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI) to N.C.S.R. DEMOKRITOS in a suburban area of Athens during the HygrA-CD campaign. The instrument was placed on the roof of N.C.S.R. station opposite to the ceilometer for PBL turbulence studies.

Thanks to Dr. Mika Komppula, who traveled to Athens for setting up the instrument for the experiment, the wind lidar became operational on May 13th, 2014. We are also thankful to his colleagues, Ville Vakkari and Ewan O'Connor, who put a lot of effort to provide real-time data processing.

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