Instruments & Models

Solar radiation - UVA, UVB (total, direct, diffuse)

UV-MFR instrument for radiation measurements in the UV spectral region. It provides measurements from 305nm to 368nm (UVB and UVA) with a resolution of 1 minute under all conditions. The instrument with a use of a shadowing disc is able to provide global (total) and diffuse solar irradiance for each wavelength. Using aerosol retrieval algorithms by products of the instrument are: the aerosol optical depth, the total column ozone. In addition the combination of the CIMEL and the UVMFR measurements can provide aerosol absorption related parameters.
The Brewer spectroradiometer is an MKIV Brewer type able to provide direct and global spectral measurements of UVB irradiance with a wavelength resolution of 0.5nm. It is also able to measure the total column ozone and also the total column NO2 using direct spectral measurements at the visible range. The NILU – UV instrument is a high frequency UV instrument that part of the Greek UV Network. It also provides Photosynthetically Active Radiation measurements.

PI Stylianos Kazadzis
Provider B.R.F.A.A.
Location 37.99, 23.78

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